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About Papa Ray's Marketplace

Papa Ray's is a company that is proud to be considered a 'small business'. We believe that the small business men and women are the backbone of America. It is these smaller companies that many times remember to put the personal touch in customer service. Although we do have this web store to sell to our customers directly, we do travel to shows throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as being sold in several grocery stores and meat markets.

As a young woman, Monik struck out on her own to America to make a new life for herself. One thing she brought with her were some amazing and tasty recipes. Many times she would entertain friends by making her 'German scones'. Everyone who had them it seemed would remark about how moist and tasty they were. She didn't realize how different they were until she tried the traditional scones sold in the grocery stores. They differed from hers mostly because hers had more texture and were more moist compared to the dryer English type.

This is about where Ray Lansing comes in! Believe me, it was love at first sight! 

From the time they met, Ray and Monik were inseperable. Both on second marriages, they knew this one would last. As they grew together as a couple, they began to realize that family and friends were constantly asking them to make the scones. Soon those requests became comments about how they should make a business out of it and sell the mixes. At first Monik held back, she didn't want to compromise the quality of her product by mass producing it. But they soon realized that by running a 'small business', and by doing smaller batches and only using the best quality ingredients, it was something they could do. 

Thus, Papa Ray's Marketplace was born! Papa Ray's Booth

To make the line complete, they experimented with different ideas. Subjecting family and friends to a frenzied task of taste testing, and a little random weight gain, a full line of delicious scone, pancake, biscuits, cakes, and breads were developed. Each item having the final approval of the Lansings, they were produced and put into shows, and stores.

As time went on, recipes were perfected, new items were developed, and more stores were acquired. Though there are stores carrying our product across Washington State, Northern Idaho, and even Montana, the only place to find the complete line is on our website. Our customers are a huge part of our company as you are our audience. If we are not reaching you, we are not successful. As a company, we welcome all comments and suggestions. We believe in advertising, however, we do understand the importance of word-of-mouth advertising. We appreciate any and all new customers you send our way! If you see us at a show, please come up and say hi! Ray was an avid fisherman, he has some whopper-type stories to entertain you, samples to feed you, and goodies to sell you! Monik is the quiet presence. She is full of strength and love and will guide you to the right taste for what you are looking for.

As our motto says: NOT ALL MIXES ARE CREATED EQUAL! This is a true statement. Don't take our word for it! Please, place an order and see for yourself. Your tummy, your friends, and your family will thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Ray and Monik Lansing are my parents. They are the most loving, caring, and truly kind people you will ever have the chance to meet. If you have a problem with ANY of our mixes, before you put a bad word out there, please give them a call and allow them the chance to make things right.

To all of you, from all of us at Papa Ray's Marketplace, Happy Baking!

-Papa Ray's Marketplace
a very loving daughter too!